Thank you for your interest in JL White International for your business needs. A full service management consulting and leadership development firm, we have been “inspiring excellence in people” for over 30 years.

About Our Mission-The Definition of Excellence

Our definition of excellence extends beyond mere profit margins and market trends. We believe in enhancing the individual, spurring achievement not only in business but in life. Our clients are guided to create a space in which to clearly define who they are so that they can take their rightful role within the organization.


For our clients, career success is measured by more than just job titles. Success is the existence of a purpose-driven life in which their work is consistent with their identity and values.

About Our Founder-Jim White, PhD

The methods behind our success is firmly based on the work of our founder, Dr. Jim White. Jim first found his entrepreneurial spirit at age five when he created his first business-collecting and selling Coke bottles to help support his family. From these humble beginnings, Jim went on to serve is country in Vietnam before entering the corporate world upon his return. Along the way, he would go from high school drop out to academic triumph-eventually earning a B.S. in Civil Engineering, an MBA, and a PhD in Psychology and Organizational Behavior


Dr. White achieved international recognition as CEO of Blount World Trade Corporation, owner and Managing Director of ACEC Centrifugal Pumps NV, Belgium, and as Vice-President and Division Manager of Ingersoll Rand Equipment Corporation. Throughout his career, he has bought, expanded, and sold 22 companies, operating in 43 countries. His strategy was to acquire failing businesses to revive and develop them into profitable enterprises. To date, Jim has generated more than $1.8 billion in revenue.


Jim is also the best-selling author of What’s My Purpose-A Journey of Personal and Professional Growth. The book, which has been lauded by such industry leaders as Steven M.R. Covey and Debbie Bermont, seeks to change readers by helping them to identify key truths while breaking down the main barriers (the Five Masks) to fulfillment. Our programs are designed to work in a similar vein-challenging the mettle of participants in order for them to achieve their personal best.

Our Transformative Services

  • Circle of Success Business Management Process is an intense one-year program that is designed to strengthen company leadership through information gathering, analysis, coaching and follow-up. During this process, participants are led through a guided journey to identify imposters to ensure the right job fit for every employee.


  • 12 O’Clock Leadership Process is an innovative month-long process based on the acclaimed film, Twelve O’Clock High. Considered one of the best business training tools of all-time, the movie is used as a metaphor for identifying daily operational issues that may be keeping you from moving ahead faster. Participants are given on-site coaching to encourage leadership as well as improve company earnings and productivity.  


  • JLW Media & Research Group seeks to conduct research on a global scale regarding economy and human behavior. From questions regarding wealth distribution issues to corporate ethics, we seek to address complex issues in a comprehensive yet straightforward manner in order to inspire and educate.


  • JLW Branding & PR Group supports clients by nurturing relationships between companies and their external markets through image consulting, brand management and marketing support.


  • JLW Business Turnaround Group works to provide assistance to business in need of rejuvenation. This is done primarily through stabilization of cash flow, diagnosing potential organization issues and enacting reachable solutions. Our proven methods have a track record of success that spans over 40 years.


  • JLW Project Management Group handles all aspects of project management activities for companies. We work carefully to balance project scope, time, cost, risk and quality for projects of all sizes.


  • JLW Family Office Practice is a highly specialized group that provides hands-on executive management and advisory services to high net worth individuals and family businesses. Our senior consultants can address a wide range of issues from estate planning and succession questions to conflict resolution.

If you are ready to take the next step in your professional and personal journey, we invite you to discover the JL White International difference. Our consultants are available world-wide to address your needs.