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Welcome to JL White International, Inc.

Welcome to The Circle of Success Business Mastery Process

Our time-tested one–year Circle of Success process is a transformative organizational development process designed to increase earnings, cash flow, and revenue.


By learning how to utilize our proven methods, business owners and CEOs can build on their passion by taking their talents and businesses to the next level. The Circle of Success process is a proven system that founder and CEO Jim White created based on his experience of acquiring and turning around 23 companies, which he operated in 43 countries. If one applies the methods of the Circle of Success they will add value to existing skill sets and learn new skills that will enhance leadership and management attributes.


Circle of Success is a comprehensive organizational development process which will teach those that want to make a difference in their leadership skills how to dramatically and measurably increase their success in as little as 90 days. The Circle of Success process covers a complete methodology for how to create a learning organization train, coach and empower employees, as well as vendors and clients.


The Circle of Success program provides the necessary tools and strategies to help you and your organization improve business performance, develop personalized goals, and create business action plans. Circle of Success also provides comprehensive materials that will teach you how to create clients for life by learning how to utilize team building exercises that align your team to your vision and mission, as well as learning the correct way to organize and hold people accountable for results.


The Circle of Success has attracted more than one hundred thousand participants worldwide, which have included: Fortune 500 CEOs, management teams, entrepreneurs, governments, and trade associations. Circle of Success has added over $900,000,000 to our client’s bottom line and millions to individual bank accounts.

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Circle of Success Tuition is $36,950.00 for the one year program plus your expenses

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