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Welcome to JL White International, Inc.

JL White International, Inc. Coaching Program

Dear Friend,


  My invitation and desire for you is that you continue to expand the quality of your life by committing to the philosophy of lifelong learning. By doing so, I believe that you will create a life of lasting fulfillment for yourself and for those you care about.

How Is Our Coaching Program Different?

Our coaching program helps you understand exactly what you want and why you want it. We assist you in developing and executing a cohesive action plan to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be. By utilizing the strategies your coach provides, you can immediately and dramatically change your performance to produce your desired results more quickly. Our coaching program is a formalized transformational learning process that occurs as a result of ongoing interactions between coach and client. You and your coach focus on building skills and competencies, developing potential, enhancing performance, and creating a more fulfilled and balanced life.

    Coaching helps individuals to grow. Your coach will look at all aspects of your life to see what it is that you are doing to empower and disempower you life. You will learn to alter inefficient patterns of behavior and generate new adaptive and successful actions. Changing old habits and patterns can be very difficult even if we know on a conscious level that they are hindering us in the realization of our ambitions and dreams. Your coach will provide a different perspective, will open up new possibilities, and will support you in the challenging process of changing old thinking patterns that currently hinder your life and prevent you from creating a more successful way of living.

The Benefits of Coaching:

What Is The Coaching Process?

The benefits of coaching are wide-ranging and depend on the focus of the coaching engagement, however the following benefits are common:


Personal Benefits:

  • Effective, sustainable behavioral change


  • Clarification for what you want from your life - your purpose, values, beliefs, and vision


  • The enhancement of intrinsic motivation


  • The ability to set more efficient and effective goals


  • A coach who is committed to supporting and encouraging you on your journey of change


  • A coach to challenge you, keep you focused and centered, and hold you accountable to your commitments


  • More effective communication with peers, colleagues, and family are more effective


  • The ability to handle challenging situations much more quickly and decisively


  • The skills to identify gaps and obstacles that diminish efficiency


  • The mastery of motivating and sustaining momentum


  • Methods to increase scope of information, ideas and solutions


  • Claiming ownership of your life - learning to move from inactive to proactive


Professional Benefits:

  • Discover and tap into potential and creativity


  • Improved skills and competencies


  • Improved concentration, confidence, relaxation and decision-making


  • Remove performance fears and anxieties


  • Eliminate unhealthy work stressors


  • A coach to use as a sounding board for ideas, strategies and plans


  • Increased productivity in the workplace


  • Non-biased advice on business decisions


  • Develop advanced communication skills - effective verbal/nonverbal interactions


  • Powerful listening skills


  • Coaching Feedback


  • Better learning strategies


  • Enhanced entrepreneurial skills


  • Improved presentation skills


  • Improved delegation skills


What Is The Coaching Process?

  1. Your coach will work with you to specifically define the results you are committed to achieving. In order for this to occur, your coach will help you with crystal clarity, to establish your values, determine your purpose and develop your life vision.
  2. You will work with your coach to assess where you are right now, where you want to be - and determine the gap in between. You will learn to define your achievements and failures, assess maladaptive patterns of behavior, and move forward to action quickly.
  3. Develop an action plan with SMART (Specific Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Traceable) goals - prioritize goals, determine possible obstacles, set timelines, determine resources and support systems needed and plan the first action steps required. Your plan is your “Pathway to Power”. It is modeled on those individuals who have already achieved the results you demand at the highest and deepest levels.
  4. Your coach will help you focus and hold you accountable to your commitments as you implement your “Pathway to Power”.


One-on-One Coaching Benefits:


  • Coaching interaction is highly personalized and geared specifically towards your individual needs and aspirations


  • You will have the freedom to set the agenda, which can be fluid and flexible (individual coaching has been found to provide a Return on Investment of 10:1)


  Coaching works in all areas of life:


Virtually everything you do is to change the way you feel about something. Yet most people have little or no training in how to do this quickly and effectively. It is amazing to watch how easily people work themselves into a nonproductive, emotional state. They leave themselves at the mercy of outside events which then prevent them from taking charge of their emotions. Your coach can help you understand what makes you do what you do, feel what you feel, and help you determine the triggers that leave you in a nonproductive state of mind. You will then be given a step-by-step plan to show you how to identify which emotions are empowering, which are disempowering, and how to use both to your best advantage. Your emotions will become a powerful tool in helping you achieve your highest potential.

There is nothing I can think of that is more important than learning to master your relationships-romantic, family, business, and social. After all, who wants to learn, grow, and become successful and happy, to then be completely alone? Your coach will teach you how to create quality relationships-first with yourself, then with others. You will begin by discovering what you value most highly, what your expectations are, examine the rules by which you live, and how it relates to everyone around you. You will learn how to connect with people more successfully and learn to define what you want in any type of relationship.

Without the conviction that you deserve financial well-being (backed up by a workable game plan), how can you turn your “American Dream” into reality? Fortunately, we live in a capitalist society and each of us has the capability of carrying out those dreams. Yet most of us experience financial pressure on an ongoing basis. To reach your destiny of financial abundance, you will first need to learn how to change what causes scarcity in your life and then how to experience, on a consistent basis, the values, beliefs, and emotions that are essential to experiencing wealth, holding on to it, and expanding it. You will learn to have clarity on where you are financially, understand your inhibiting beliefs about money and financial success, and design new beliefs that are more empowering. Your coach will help you draft a plan to achieve your financial goals and help you to outline strategies to manage your emotional state during challenging times. You will have the opportunity with your coach to brainstorm about the resources necessary to assist you in the areas you feel are most important. You will define your goals and shape your dreams with an eye toward the future.

Picture yourself living your dream career. To do that you have to define where you are, what you like and don’t like about what you’re currently doing, and change it. Your coach will help you discover your true passions in life and assist you in designing a career/business where you get to do what you love best. Your coach will help you understand how your natural behavior patterns and communication style (DISC®) enhance or reduce your chances for success in a particular type of career. Your coach will find additional resources to assist you through educational and governmental links and role models that align with your interests. You will learn to enhance your internal resources (positive emotional states) and create an identity that propels you toward success.

We all have the same amount of it, yet how many of us really know how to use it? I'm not talking about time management; I’m talking about actually taking time and manipulating it so that it becomes a friend rather than an enemy. You will learn how to quickly determine that the wrong short-term evaluations can lead to long-term pain. You will learn how to manage your desire for instant gratification thus allowing your ideas and goals to develop to their fullest potential. We teach you how to make your decisions reality by incorporating the willingness to take immediate action, the patience to experience lag time, and the flexibility to change you approach as often as needed. You will learn how to design the necessary maps and strategies for following up on your decisions. Once you have mastered the art of "having time on your side", you will understand the truth behind the statement that "most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!"


Let Me Give You the Investment of


the Coaching Program...

Executive Coaching: (3 coaching calls per month, up to 30 min per call, with one of the JL White International, Inc. Professional Coaches)


Purchase Regular Month-to-Month Coaching: $995.00 Per Month


Purchase Three (3) Months Coachings: 9 Sessions $2,537.00


Purchase Six (6) Months Coaching: 18 Sessions $ 4,477.00

Executive Coaching

No matter how committed we are or how much will power we have, we all need a coach who cares and who has the skills to challenge us to step up and maximize the quality of our lives with conscious thought, decision, and action. Our outstanding coaches, have been immersed in Jim’s technologies and will empower you with the focus, training, and accountability you need to achieve the consistent results you demand in the most important areas of your life.





With Appreciation,

Jim L. White PhD
Founder & CEO,
JL White International, Inc.
"Inspiring Excellence in People"

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