Welcome to JL White International, Inc.
Welcome to JL White International, Inc.

From the Desk of Jim White, PhD


Dear Friends:


I have three questions for you.


  1. Are you ready to bring your most cherished personal and professional goals together into one clear and passionate purpose?


  1. Are you searching for that special edge that will take you from okay to excellent?


  1. Do you want to see what you can accomplish by simply doing things out of love instead of fear?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then look no further! Your path to purpose, passion and profits begins with Jim White’s “Road Map to PPP” Purpose, Passion, Profits Workshop for Women Owned Businesses.


Start your journey now!

Decide what you want most from life, love, and business—and GET it… with Jim White’s P3 Workshop!

This amazing one day workshop offers a dynamic group setting where you can connect with other women entrepreneurs while you are led by international business consultant and best selling author Jim White, PhD on a journey of discovery to define your vision, find your purpose, and reignite your passion.


Jim’s innovative and interactive process will help you determine what values and beliefs you want guiding your life and your business. Learn how to develop your intuition and embark on a personal journey of growth to align your goals with your purpose, your passion and your values.



Jim White’s “Road Map To P3” Jim will teach you how to:

  • Discover your vision and your vision for your organization
  • Establish organizational values, mission/purpose and goals
  • Develop your intuition and strengthen your inner voice
  • Align your goals with your purpose & values
  • Create a powerful strategy for success
  • Connect with your higher self, no matter how overscheduled you are
  • Quit being busy and get moving on what really matters—to YOU
  • Attract greater financial prosperity with two simple shifts in your thinking
  • Make work a joyful extension of your core values and “the real you”
  • Open up to a new kind of intimacy in your marriage or any relationship
  • Let go of “The Five Masks” and come face to face with your ultimate purpose

If building a more successful and profitable business is important to you and you want to be happier and more fulfilled in your business and your life, then you need to learn how to live your life’s purpose.



The P3 Workshop provides you with the road map – the tools and strategies you need – to design a business that fits your life’s purpose. Once that happens, everything else falls into place.

When you begin everyday with purpose and passion, the profits will flow and you will experience greater cash flow, bigger profits, better quality of life and less stress.


Join together with other women owned business leaders in a fun environment to discover your purpose and your passion. Then learn how to align them with your goals and integrate them into your life for positive change that will make your profits skyrocket.


But before you register, lets take a look at the investment and five more lasting benefits of Jim White’s “Road Map to P3” workshop:


Your investment for the One Day P3 Workshop is $1,250 per participant and includes the following:


  • P3 Purpose Passion Profits Workshop Materials
  • DISC Behavioral Assessment
  • Business Financial health check (Z Score)
  • Action plans and goals you will set in the workshop and achieve in the next thirty days
  • Continental Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Refreshments


5 More Lasting Benefits of the P3 Workshop:


  1. Thirty days of group follow-up via live webcast/teleseminar.

  2. Unlimited email support directly from Jim and his staff for thirty days.

  3. Lower stress and higher productivity.

  4. Greater satisfaction and happiness in life.

  5. Making new friends that will last forever.


By special request, Jim is also extending an option of adding a second day to the P3 Workshop for an additional investment of $900 and that will include:


  • Full access to Jim White with fast-paced, on the fly discussions and one-on-one hot seats. Come ready with your most complicated problems and leave with practical and actionable solutions that will help you and your business grow.
  • Gourmet cooking and decoration tips from renowned Celebrity Chef Wendy Brodie.
  • Relax in the company of newfound friends as you enjoy a wine tasting experience featuring a luxury Monterey wine brand expertly paired with delicious goodies.

P3 Workshop

Activate your emotions.


Challenge yourself.


Be inspired.


Be remarkable!


Discover your purpose and your passion.



Discover the power of P3 at Jim White’s “Road Map to P3” Workshop.


Option A: One Day P3 Workshop $1,250.00


Option B: Two Day P3 Workshop $2,150.00





With Appreciation

Jim White, PhD

Creator of Purpose Passion Profits Workshop Series P3

Best Selling Author What’s my Purpose? A Journey of Personal and Professional Growth

Founder & CEO JL White International

Creator Jim White Movie Series, Circle of Success and Jim White Speaking

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